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About Us!

The Tropical Plant House

Tropical Plant House has been locally owned and operated since 1979 as an interior plantscape company. We are dedicated to customer service first and foremost.

Our interior plantscaping division provides sales, custom design, and maintenance of both living and artificial plants. We guarantee our work and make sure we are providing only the best service.

Tropical Plant House works with a variety of residential and commercial customers, from business owners, healthcare providers, the hospitality industry, homeowners, designers, and developers, to architects, property managers, and retail locations. We are experienced in large-scale projects, construction deadlines, project management, sustainability technologies, creative designs, and floor plan take-offs.

At TPH we believe that plants serve not just a major role in function and quality of life, but are life itself. Without them we would not exist. From providing shelter, to medicine, to clothing our bodies, plant life is the root of our existence.

We bring living, breathing organisms into the work and home environment. Besides air purifying qualities, plants have been proven to reduce stress, improve productivity, and help people heal faster. More recently, through our launch of our partner company Living Roofscapes we use plants to reduce a building's energy footprint and reduce rainwater runoff. This helps to decrease storm water runoff, help to curb the heat island effect, and even makes solar panels, HVAC and PVC systems work more efficiently. 

Our goals of sustainability began at our head courtiers in the Sacramento Valley. We installed a small green roof with a rainwater collection system in which the green roof is irrigated with the stored rainwater from a tank. Our vertical urban garden provides herbs and vegetable for the local food bank. We are always trying new produces so we know what truly works for our clients' needs. 

Let Tropical Plant House bring plant life and sustainability into your home or office. Call today.